Hierarchical Green-Energy Materials Research Center (Hi-GEM)


High-performance computing cluster


1. Equipment Manager

  • Administrator: Dr. Ngoc Thanh Thuy Tran(Mobile: +886 906536035 ; Office: +886 6-2757575#34259)

(email: tranntt@phys.ncku.edu.tw

  • Agent: Dr. Shen Yu-Min (Mobile: +886 910975178; Office: +886 6-2757575#34260)
  • Accounting Staf: Chu, I-Ting +886 6-2757575#34257


2. Description of equipment

  • Instrument Model: Supercomputer
  • Instrument English name: HPE Apollo r2600 Gen10
  • Date of acquisition: December, 2018
  • Location: Room 9090, Science and Technology Building, NCKU


3. Introduction

  High Performance Computing (HPC) is becoming the first choice for researchers in various fields to gain insight into many other fields, especially those that need to perform complex mathematical calculations. HPC clusters/groups are designed for parallel computing, where computers/servers can operate independently or in parallel to handle large-scale computing tasks. The Cluster of Hi-GEM (Hi-GEM) provides 11 server nodes/servers, up to 2728 GB of memory and 120 TB of backup storage data to meet the needs of huge applications with high data and security for their data demanding processing power. Each single node/server (each contains 2 CPUs, 14 CPUs per core) supports high-speed computing power and high-speed network (56Gb/s) connected servers. In addition, the cluster is connected to the uninterruptible power supply system UPS, which can provide power for the cluster for about three hours in the event of a power outage. The following are the most commonly used commercial software that can be used for computing in clusters: VASP, Gaussian, and Matlab. This service can significantly improve the performance of industry, academia and research institutions.

  • Server Node: HPE Apollo r2600 Gen10
  • Storage: MSA 2050 SAN DC Power LFF Storage


4. Charge Information

  • Hi-GEM members: 0.07 NT/SU
  • Academic (non-Hi-GEM members): 0.1 NT/SU
  • Others: 1 NT/SU

(*SU is the unit of usage, and usage of 1 CPU core for 1 hour is 1SU.)

  • If the fee is not paid for more than two weeks, it will be notified in advance. If the fee is still in arrears, the teacher and all laboratory personnel will be stopped from entering the HG card machine control.
  • The charging method is mainly based on the transfer of funds planned by the
    Ministry of Science and Technology. You can also apply for a pre-issued
    receipt with the center and pay in cash through the online payment platform: 


5. Delegated operation

  • This equipment is not currently open for delegated operation. If you have any demands or want to cooperate, please contact the manager Dr. Ngoc Thanh Thuy Tran (Leni).
  • If you need to operate by yourself, please contact the manager, Dr. Ngoc Thanh Thuy Tran to apply for an account to inquire about how to use it. If the account has not been used for one year after application, the account used by the cluster will be notified to delete.


6. Related documents

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