Hierarchical Green-Energy Materials Research Center (Hi-GEM)

Advanced Battery Materials Industry Alliance先進電池材料聯盟







 Simplo Technology Co., Ltd.  Lithium battery, battery module  +886 3-5695920
 China Steel Chemical Corporation  Lithium-ion battery anode material, supercapacitor activated carbon, advanced carbon materials  +886 7-3383515
 Tron Energy Technology Corporation  Lithium iron phosphate battery pack, power battery, energy storage system  +886 3-2717399
 Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd.  Resin, adhesive  +886 6-7952801
 Hephas Energy Co., Ltd.  All-round supply solution for fuel cell test equipment and key components  +886 3-5780221
 ULVAC Taiwan Inc.  Equipment manufacturing in the fields of semiconductors, displays, LEDs, solar cells, etc.

 +886 3-5795688

 Green Energy Electrode, Inc.  Energy technology service industry  +886 3-5985510

 Aurora Borealis Technology Co., Ltd.

 Provide a full range of supply solutions for solar energy, secondary batteries, electrochemistry, etc., and act as an agent for major brands such as French Bio-Logic (electrochemistry, battery charge and discharge, material analysis), Wellington (standard product)

 +886 2-23757239
 Enli Technology Co., Ltd.  Artificial light source and semiconductor photoelectric conversion test system  +886 7-6955669
 CPC Corporation, Taiwan  Lithium titanate anode material  +886 7-5824141
 BBL Technology Corporation  Cell and application research and development, material evaluation and battery production technical consultant  +886 7-3897949
 Lih Yuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.  Lithium battery test module/electrochemical thermal dilatometer, thermal analysis/thermal conduction/thermal dilatometer, nanoparticle size/jieda potential stock solution analyzer, laser molecular beam epitaxy coating system  +886 2-22198008
 Taiwan Battery Test and Certification Co., Ltd.  Detection service  -
 Genetics Generation Advancement Co.  Genetic testing, life and material science simulation, biomedical information services  +886 2-27951777
 AEON Motor Co., Ltd.  ATV all terrain vehicles, locomotives, electric locomotives  +886 6-5783988



 Ker Taur Company Ltd.

 Acting for MBRAUN inert gas purification system, glove box, organic solvent purification system, 3M industrial safety equipment and Scotch-Brite wipes series

 +886 2-23944242
 BENQ Materials Corp.  Polarizers, medical supplies, advanced battery materials  +886 3-3748800
 DeRight Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.  Spray Dryer and Grinding Equipment Manufacturer  +886 37-688235