Hierarchical Green-Energy Materials Research Center (Hi-GEM)

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"We aim to contribute to the "key green energy materials" of Taiwan, forming a green energy R&D settlement in southern Taiwan that is internationally visible and distinctive!"

~Director Jow-Lay Huang



Green energy industry is a global trend, but Taiwan accounts for only 1% of the global market for key materials, which in turn affects the development of terminal green energy technology and hinders the development of smart grid and green energy policy. At first, it based on Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Department of Chemical Engineering of National Cheng Kung University, and then more than 30 professional scholars from various departments across Taiwan were integrated to form a complete research and development team.

In February 2018, Hi-GEM was established with subsidy from the Ministry of Science and Technology and was selected as one of 18 research centers by the Ministry of Education in March, 2018. On September 13, 2018, the center officially held the unveiling ceremony at National Cheng Kung University with the aim of mastering Taiwan's "key green energy materials autonomy rate".


As part of the Center's efforts to research and develop green energy storage and production, it has set up six research teams, creating a research community with high standards and international visibility. The office was initially located on the second floor of the new hall of Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and was relocated to the fifth floor of Science and Technology Building in 2020. The office includes administrative district and the most complete cross-dimensional green energy material core laboratory in Taiwan, including electrochemical analysis laboratory, soft pack battery demonstration line and computational material design laboratory.

The Hi-GEM's managers include Prof. Jow-Lay Huang (Director/Chair Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, NCKU), Prof. Hsi-Sheng Teng (Associate Director/Chair Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, NCKU), Prof. Shih-Kang Lin (Associate Director/Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, NCKU), Professor Jiann-Fuh Chen (Associate Director/Distinguished Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, NCKU). The number of team members increased to 31, and Prof. Yuh-Lang Lee (Associate Director/Chair Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, NCKU) took over Professor Teng’s duty in July 2020.

In order to effectively achieve the goals of human resource development, international connection and industrial linkage, the center has established three groups, namely the International Cooperation Group, the Human Resources Development Group and the General Administration Group. Through horizontal integration, Hi-GEM sets up the four missions, such as developing new cross-dimensional green energy materials, cultivating high-order green energy materials R&D personnel, strengthening international green energy materials R&D cooperation, and linking up the R&D industry.



01/17-01/18 Host 2022 International Conference on Hierarchical Green-Energy Materials More Images

11/09  Unveiling Ceremony of Core Research Laboratory

11/01  Kiss Science (Ministry of Science and Technology)

10/14  Participate in Taiwan Innotech Expo 

06/02  Set up Pouch Cell Laboratory More Images

03/12  Participate in Shalun International Forum and Presentation

01/14-01/15  Host 2021 International Conference on Hierarchical Green-Energy Materials for the first time More Images


09/29  Founding Conference of Advanced Battery Materials Industry Alliance with a speech by a Nobel laureate 

09/24  Participate in FUTEX  

07/30  Set up Advanced Battery I Industrialist Master's Course

05/10  Establish of Shalun Eco City

03/10  First Certification of Credits for Trans-Dimensional Green Energy Materials Course


12/08  Professor Lee Yuh Lang and his team received the FutureTech Breakthrough Award More Images

12/05-12/08  Participate in FUTEX More Images

11/16  Host the International Conference of Green Energy Materials

07/10  Publish of the first international book, Green Energy Materials Hand book ⇒Book Description

03/31  International Research at NECCES (The NorthEast Center for Chemical Energy Storage) in America

03/28  Sign the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with VNUHCM-University of Science (Đại học Khoa học Tự nhiên) More Images

02/26  Participate in Battery Japan 2019 in Tokyo




09/13  Establish and unveiling ceremony of Hi-GEM More Images