Hierarchical Green-Energy Materials Research Center (Hi-GEM)

Advanced Battery Materials Industry Alliance先進電池材料聯盟

Purpose of establishment

In recent years, renewable energy, alternative fuels, energy conservation, and research about carbon reduction have become the mainstream of international technological development. With these developments, green energy materials have also become the key to overall application progress, accompanied by tremendous business opportunities.

At present, renewable energy accounts for about 4.5% of Taiwan's total energy, and 99% of its raw materials are imported. In the lithium battery industry with relatively mature technology, as for cathode materials, ROC manufacturers currently account for less than 2% of the global market, and more than 70% still rely on imports. As for anode materials, our manufacturers currently account for only 3% of the global market, and our own supply accounts for about 15% of the domestic market as 85% of the market demand coming from imports from Japan. Therefore, by mastering key green materials and technologies, we can solve Taiwan's energy problems and let green materials become autonomous.

The Advanced Battery Materials Industry Alliance was founded by the Hierarchical Green-Energy Materials (Hi-GEM) Research Center, which combines 29 domestic experts across different fields, such as material computational science, energy conversion, ion transport medium, electrode material development directed secondary battery, solar cells, and fuel cells. At the time of development and in consideration of the rationality of the situation of use, the final orientation of industrial application is to achieve the goal of promoting the self-determination of green materials in Taiwan.

In view of this, our team hopes to establish an industry-academic research-sharing platform through the establishment of the Advanced Battery Material Industry Alliance to provide a venue for corporate exchanges and cooperation in the battery industry, accelerating corporate product upgrades and exposure through cross-regional collaboration. Taiwan's Green Materials could be promoted and expand to the international visibility.


Membership fee

Membership fee


The membership fee is only paid once.

Annual fee for basic members

NTD$20,000 per year

The description of membership rights is as follows.

Annual fee for advanced members

NTD$30,000 per year

Remark 1: The membership fee is collected in January every year. The first annual fee is based on the membership season. For example, the first annual fee is a half of the original fee for joining in the third quarter.

Remark 2: Advanced Battery Materials Industry Alliance has cooperation with LIB Academia-industry Alliance. Enterprises having an effective membership of LIB Academia-industry Alliance can reduce annual fee of NTD$10,000, but the application form is still required.

(This fee requirement comes into effect as from January 1, 2021)


Membership Services

The alliance provides research trends and industrial development in domestic and foreign battery fields with experts of materials, engineering and electrical engineering, accelerating the development of battery material industry!


Basic Members

Advanced Members

Professional counseling

Free expert consultation at least once a half-year

Free expert consultation at least once a quarter

Publicity and promotion

Free corporate information link on the Alliance's Website

Free publicity documents on the Alliance's website

Training courses

  • 2 quotas for free courses
  • Discount on paid courses
  • Priority on enrolment for free courses
  • Discount on paid courses
  • The Alliance would comply with the training requirements plan proposed by the advanced members.

Testing services and instrument borrowing

Discount on pricing

  • Discount on pricing
  • Emergency reception service

Social exchange

At least once a year for free social exchange

Internship tour

  • Assist in the internship of school-based enterprise
  • Assist members to visit research institutes and exchange views

Resource matching

Assist members in technical collaboration and acquisition of government resources (partly paid for)


Membership and Payment Flows

  1. Please fill out the application form and send to the Secretariat (Fax: 06-5053459, Email: nckuabmia@gmail.com)
  2. Upon receiving the application, the Alliance will send an invoice back to the member. Please pay the membership fee before the time limit to complete the membership application process.

Application form for the Advanced Battery Materials Industry Alliance


Organization Structure 



Contact Information of the Secretariat